Best Cruising Tips for Cruise Goers

Going on a cruise is such an exciting event. Having a vacation board a beautiful cruise ship heading out into tropical waters is a wonderful way to relax and detach from reality for a while. The other amazing part of being able to go on a cruise is that you get to experience multiple new places in one vacation. Going on a cruise for the first time can be overwhelming for some people though, it’s hard to know what to expect and what you should do to prepare for your cruise vacation.

Choose your Cruise Wisely

If this is your first time going on a cruise vacation, you may not realize just how many cruise ships and companies are out there to provide you with an exceptional cruise vacation. Once you’ve determined that you’re going to go on a cruise vacation, it’s time to figure out which cruise will suit your vacation needs best.

When choosing your cruise vacation it’s important to think about the size of the ship, what ports of call are important to you, what type of onboard activities will interest you, and whether you want a themed cruise, a family-friendly style cruise vacation or adult only themed cruise vacation.

What should I pack for a 7 day Caribbean Cruise?

When packing for a 7 day Caribbean cruise you should have the following items ready to go for your cruise vacation: passport, portable charger for electronic devices, carry-on bag with essentials, formal attire for any formal events you’ll be attending during your cruise vacation, quick-drying clothes for off-shore excursions, sneakers as well as summer shoes and formal wear shoes, wrinkle release spray and a cover-up sweater for cooler evenings.

Carry-On Bag for Cruise Ship Vacation Must-Haves

Be sure to pack some essential items in your carry-on bag for your cruise vacation. While your other luggage gets delivered to your stateroom, you’ll probably want to enjoy some of the ship before your luggage arrives. This means it’s best to pack a bathing suit, extra set of shoes, sunscreen, a hairbrush, electronic device chargers, and maybe even a book to read while you’re waiting for the rest of your luggage to arrive in your room.

Think About Dining

Some of the specialty dining options onboard a cruise ship require a reservation and may be booked up quickly. It’s best to think about your dining options for your cruise vacation before you venture onto the ship. If you book dinner reservations before that first day of your cruise you may save money as well as be certain to get a seat for a special dining opportunity in a specialty restaurant aboard your cruise ship during your cruise vacation.

Spa Time Tips

If your the type who enjoys spa sessions, then you may want to look into a spa cabin or a day pass that will help ensure you get access to the onboard spa. Usually, the spa sessions fill up quickly, but if you can get into a good discount package for spa sessions prior to your cruise vacation then you won’t have to worry about whether you can enjoy some spa treatments while on your cruise vacation or not.
Check Cell Phone Coverage

Last, but not least, you’ll want to check your cell phone coverage to find out if you will need an International plan or shut data off completely while you’re out on your cruise vacation. Some people end up simply connecting their cell phone to WiFi during their cruise vacation to cut down on extra data and other cell phone costs associated with International travel.

As you can see the key to enjoying your cruise vacation is all about preparation. Be certain to use these best cruise tips to help ensure you have the best cruise vacation ever. These tips will absolutely help you to pick the right cruise ship, the right cruise vacation package, and extra options such as excursions and spa sessions. Using these tips combined with what you know you want to experience during your cruise vacation will help you enjoy this special trip every time you schedule a cruise vacation.

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